About Us

The Green Garden has been in business for over 7 years and we pride ourselves in providing service of the highest standard at competitive rates. We offer both garden and pool maintenance to the residential & corporate market as well as complex maintenance.
Year Round Garden Maintenance
– Mowing & edging of lawns
– Tilling of beds
– Shaping & trimming of shrubs
– Sweeping, raking and cleaning up of the aforementioned areas
– Removal of all cuttings and dead growth
Winter Season Garden Maintenance – optional
– Planting as required
– Cutting back, pruning & shaping
– Fertilizer,compost & lawn dressing
– Weed control
Pool Maintenance
– Ph testing & balancing
– Topping up of chlorine levels
– Cleaning of weir baskets
– Netting of pool surface
– Backwashing
– Regular shock treatments as required
– Brushing of walls
Other Pool Treatment – optional
– Blue restore
– Filter sand change
– Manual vacuuming
We also offer once-off clean of both pools & gardens.