Preparing for April

Preparing for April.

Helpful tips for you to do in March.

Buy some frost protection before winter arrives . Planning in advance will allow you to make sure you have all those delicate plants protected before you are caught off guard.

Mulching the  beds to keep the soil temperature warmer.

Clean out dead plants and sweep up the fallen leaves and add them to the compost heap.


Your containers and window boxes will appreciate a generous layer of new potting soil so remove about one third from the top and replace with the new soil.

Climbing sweet peas must be trained up a wire or a trellis; removing all unnecessary tendrils and superfluous growth at the base of the plants. Keep well watered until your plants are established.

It’s time to repot potted plants that have outgrown their containers. Choose a pot two sizes bigger than their original home. Carefully remove the plant from its pot. Cut back any dead or straggly roots and tease out tangled roots. Place it in the new pot with a fresh helping of potting soil and some liquid plant food. Firm the plant in place and water well.

Trim your lawn.  It’s soon going to turn yellow and the length you trim it now, will be it’s length during course of Winter.


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